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"We live long an prosper, Mike. Or do we record long and prosper? I don't know. We do something and prosper."

I Jinxed It | Episode 138

Superhero Slate believes The Force will ReAwaken with Star Wars Episode 9, Marvel's The Punisher could drop any day now on Netflix, damn...thats a good looking Hellboy, and more!

Sorry guys, we had technical difficulties this weekend and lost half of the audio recording. Our show notes are still included so you can see what you missed this week, but we'll be back next week with our review of Kingsmen: The Golden Circle and the standard news show!

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Disney and the Streaming Service | Episode 137

Superhero Slate tells you to get your tickets to the battle of the century in Thor Ragnarok, more shakes up in Star Wars land, some X-Men movies may already be done filming, and more!

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The Last Jedi Rumors | Episode 136

This week, The Punisher gives us a message through morse code, we got our second Force Friday from Star Wars, Shazam (not the music service) is around the corner, and more!

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Marvel's Inhumans (IMAX Debut) | Movie & TV Reviews

This is the Superhero Slate review for Marvel's Inhumans now showing at IMAX! Is a theatrical debut the right thing for a royal family? Are the reviews right or wrong about the shows quality? Is Lockjaw a good boy? Find out all our thoughts and more in this review!View Our Show Notes

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WTF DC | Episode 135

Listen to this week's Superhero Slate because Star Wars gives us some new vehicles, Netflix tells us a little bit about the Defenders’ shows, we figure out what the hell is going on at DC, and more!

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