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"Ah! So congested! Hegh! What can I do?"

Tagged: black panther

Infinity War & Black Panther Review | Weekly News Episode 159

On this week's Superhero Slate, Black Panther pounces into theaters, we get a look at Incredibles 2, does Sony regret their original Spider-Man deal, and more!

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Black Panther | Movie & TV Reviews

This is the Superhero Slate review for Marvel's Black Panther! What does it take to be King of Wakanda? Is Killmonger more than just a color swapped villain? Does T'Challa ever freeze? Find out all our thoughts and more in this review!View Our Show Notes

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Han Solo, Deadpool, & Venom Trailers | Weekly News Episode 158

Do you like movie trailers? Then you’re gonna love this week’s Superhero Slate! We've got Han Solo, Venom, Jessica Jones, Deadpool 2, and more! Special Guest: John Myers!

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Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer & Black Panther Trolls | Weekly News Episode 157

Superhero Slate gets a tiny look at the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie, haters try to topple the Black Panther king, the Ninja Turtles get a new look, and more!

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Captain Marvel's Outfit & our Super Bowl Predictions | Weekly News Episode 156

Superhero Slate debates if our first look at Captain Marvel is a good one, find out our Super Bowl trailer predictions, how exactly did Logan break ground at the Oscars, and more!

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