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"Let me pound this full throttle and then we'll go."

Tagged: inhumans

Agents of SHIELD Return & Joss Whedon's Upcoming Movies | Weekly News Episode 148

Learn about Harry Potter and the Hoax Tweet, Gambit has a start date, Agents of SHIELD return in space, and more on this week's Superhero Slate!

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Shazam Casting & Deathstroking It Solo | Weekly News Episode 144

Its a scary Superhero Slate because Deathstroke is making his own movie, they’ve cast Fandral (Zachary Levi) as Shazam, the Venom movie is really happening, and more!

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SHIELD Goes to Space & The Curious Case of the DCEU | Weekly News Episode 140

Superhero Slate wants you to know the DC Extended Universe is not the official name of WB’s movies, Fox is doubling down on it’s X-Men movies, you can schedule more Marvel TV shows in your future, and more!

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The Last Jedi Rumors | Episode 136

This week, The Punisher gives us a message through morse code, we got our second Force Friday from Star Wars, Shazam (not the music service) is around the corner, and more!

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Marvel's Inhumans (IMAX Debut) | Movie & TV Reviews

This is the Superhero Slate review for Marvel's Inhumans now showing at IMAX! Is a theatrical debut the right thing for a royal family? Are the reviews right or wrong about the shows quality? Is Lockjaw a good boy? Find out all our thoughts and more in this review!View Our Show Notes

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