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"Did Liz get a new top? No, we've seen that before. Never with that skirt. We should probably stop staring before it starts getting creepy though."

Tagged: the punisher

The Last Jedi & Lets Buy Fox | Weekly News Episode 151

This week Superhero Slate is talking details on the Disney deal, our Star Wars: The Last Jedi impressions, the upcoming DCEU slate has been revealed, and more!

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Agents of SHIELD Return & Joss Whedon's Upcoming Movies | Weekly News Episode 148

Learn about Harry Potter and the Hoax Tweet, Gambit has a start date, Agents of SHIELD return in space, and more on this week's Superhero Slate!

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Marvel's The Punisher | Movie & TV Reviews

This is the Superhero Slate review for Marvel's The Punisher! Is it a punishment to watch this series? Do we finally get the best Netflix and Marvel show all year? How many castles does Frank really have? Find out all our thoughts and more in this review!View Our Show Notes

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Deadpool Teases Us & Justice League Is... | Weekly News Episode 147

The Justice League is among the Superhero Slate fans, we’re watching the Incredibles 2 trailer, Deadpool gives us a happy little teaser, and more!

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A New Star Wars Hope & The Disney-Fox Merger | Weekly News Episode 146

Listen to the Superhero Slate and learn that Star Wars announced a new trilogy of films, Disney has 20th Century Fox by the tail, the Punisher and Justice League are available to watch this week, and more!

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