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"Yeah I gave my Father's Day the best present ever. I didn't ask him to help me move."

Tagged: doctor doom

Black Widow Villain Rumors & an Empty Hall H | Weekly News Episode 229

This week Superhero Slate is going Far From Home with Spider-Man, Hall H is looking a bit empty at Comic-Con, Teen Titans are fighting...themselves, and more!

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Infinity War Release Date & the Silver Surfer | Weekly News Episode 161

Get excited with Superhero Slate because Infinity War is releasing a week earlier, Silver Surfer proves its business as usual for Fox, DC is Cheetah-ing its way to the big screen, and more!View Our Show Notes

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Superman's Mustache-gate | Episode 132

Superhero Slate has it on good authority that Superman wants to give you a mustache ride, Deadpool’s Domino starts to fall in place, we can’t hide from the Transformers franchise, and more!
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